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EZTV Proxy List – Unblocked Mirror Sites 2020

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Is EZTV blocked? Are you looking for alternative ways to unlock EZTV? There are many options for accessing EZTV when it is locked. However, EZTV Proxy & Mirror is the best possible method. However, finding working proxies and EZTV mirrors is not so simple.

Fortunately, EZTV staff and other volunteers have developed several EZTV Proxy & Mirror for free access to EZTV. These EZTV proxy sites contain the same data as the source domain, index, and updates. The only difference is that they have a different name.

In this article, you will get acquainted with some of the best working EZTV Proxy & Mirror sites, as well as various other methods that make it easy to unlock EZTV. Read on to find out more.

The List of UnblockNinja EZTV Proxies & Mirrors:

EZTV Proxy/MirrorURLStatus

Why I can’t connect to original EZTV?

There are several reasons why you won’t be able to get to EZTV if you want to download content. Since this is a website, there is always the possibility that it will not work if you search for it. Maybe they will move the servers to a new place or something like that.

Your ISP is more likely to block your access depending on your geographic location. Some countries have strict copyright laws. Downloading your torrents from these countries may violate these laws. Your ISP may also block you from conserving bandwidth because it knows what type of activity you do when you are connected to EZTV.

How does EZTV Torrent work?

EZTV Torrent has its own website and hosting services. Thus, the downloaded files have the correct security and access links. EZTV downloads various files to its servers and storage, creating links and trackers for downloading torrent files directly to your device. When a person uploads a file, he can install or share it using the EZTV torrent tracker. This is a very simple process.

All you have to do is insert the file into the torrent download software, such as Azure, Utorrent or BitTorrent, and download it to your computer. Then save the file in the same place and do not delete the torrent file from the Utorrent or BitTorrent software. Allow Utorrent software to install and compare content. This option is activated by default. This way you can share content with many people, and they can also share content with you through EZTV Torrent. This is how EZTV Torrent works.

How to Configure a VPN to Unblock EZTV?

Step 1: Enable VPN In Your Browser

Step 2: Click on one of the EZTV proxies / mirrors at the top. You get to the home page

Step 3: Select a TV show or find a torrent file and click on it

Step 4: You will be taken to the download page. Click on the torrent or magnet link

Step 5: Open the torrent file using a torrent client such as uTorrent, etc.

You can also download the series directly from the EZTV download page.


EZTV Alternatives

Even though it rarely happens for you not to be able to access EZTV through mirrors, proxy servers or VPN, we like to give as many options as possible for our readers. That’s why we would like to recommend some alternatives for those moments in which, no matter what you try, you can’t access the website.


Founded in 2009, the 1337x provides a reliable backup option when EZTV mirror sites refuse to serve. You can find all types of magnetic links and torrent files along with a wide community that always works to ensure that the quality of the content is top notch and all torrents are error free. Although it is blocked in several countries, you can use a VPN or proxy server to access it without much effort.

EXT Torrents

EXT Torrents is another great alternative for those moments when even the best EZTV mirror sites refuse to work together. Enjoy the growing popularity around the world and the main difference between PirateBay is that EXT Torrents is a torrent directory. This means that they do not publish their own and torrent files, but look for these files on several other websites. Another feature of EXT Torrents is that they offer less interference than other similar sites.


Often referred to as Zooqle, a torrent index of all kinds of digital content that users can access and download via peer-to-peer file sharing. Over time, it enjoyed great popularity until it became the second best torrent site that was inferior to the world famous The Pirate Bay. With a user-friendly interface and well thought-out categories for easy content search, Zooqle offers its users an excellent experience.


EZTV was one of the most popular television torrent distribution sites in the world. The site has been operating for a decade and was disbanded in April 2015 for copyright reasons. The main page is no longer active. However, you can access the content through the EZTV Proxy and EZTV Mirror sites listed above. However, before accessing these websites, make sure that you use VPN services to hide your IP address. There are many free and paid VPN services that you can consider. If you are not sure which one to use, follow the links above and download one of the links.

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