The micro-blogging service has returned to Mac with a full-fledged desktop app. So, you can now use Twitter on your Mac provided the device is running macOS Catalina (macOS 10.15 or later, 64-bit processor). Based on Apple’s innovative Project Catalyst, the app gets the most out of the new APIs that the latest iteration of macOS has introduced. That all being said, let’s make the most of the seven super handy tips and tricks to use Twitter app on Mac.

A Complete Guide to Use Twitter App in macOS Catalina

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Tip #1. Open Multiple Composition Windows in Twitter App

One of my favorite features of the Twitter app for macOS is the ability to open multiple compose windows simultaneously. It can come in super handy for digital marketers, social media buffs, or those who have to tweet a lot. Well, even if you aren’t a digital marketer, you would love to have this flexibility for the times where you have to post a lot of tweets.

  • To open multiple composition windows on Twitter, all you need to do is simply click on the compose button. Hit the compose button again, or every time you want to open a new window. That’s as simple as it can ever get, isn’t it?

Click on Compose Button in Twitter on Mac

Multiple Composition Windows are Opened in Twitter for macOS Catalina

  • Well, the micro-blogging app lets you open as many windows as you want. So, take advantage of it to compose multiple tweets faster.

Sticky note: During the test, I was able to open multiple Twitter composition windows on my macOS device only when the micro-blogging app was in Split Mode. So, do keep this little hack in mind.

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Tip #2. View Ultra High-Definition Images in Twitter on Mac

This one can be enormously helpful for photographers and designers. Well, even if you aren’t a pro graphic designer or much into photography, you would love to view larger images in higher definition.

The micro-blogging service has added UHD image support to the macOS Catalina app. Thus you can upload images of up to 4096 x 4096 pixels. That is equivalent to a whopping 16 megapixels. In terms of functionality, it takes full advantage of the large screen and is a well-timed implementation.

Tip #3. Upload Photos in Many Formats in Twitter App

Another feature that I have found highly appreciable is the support for many image formats. For a change, the micro-blogging app no longer restricts you to a handful of image formats like JPEG, PNG, or GIF formats. You will now be able to upload images in WebP, HEIC, and even TIFF formats. So, the next time you wish to upload a cool image on Twitter, you shouldn’t have to worry about incompatibility issues – most probably.

Upload Ultra High-Definition Images in Twitter for Mac

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Tip #4. Drag and Drop Photos into Your Tweets on Mac

As someone who is very fond of drag and drop gesture, it’s my favorite feature. It’s made the task of uploading images a bit faster. To add an image to a tweet, now you need to simply drag it onto the composition window.

Drag and Drop Images into Your Tweets with Twitter for Mac

As Twitter now supports many image formats, you can quickly add images without having to face the incompatibility issue. What’s more, once you have dropped your image on your composition window, you can also use a variety of filters to enhance it. Once you have added the image, simply click on it to enter edit mode. Then, you can use plenty of filters and stickers to beautify your images.

Tip #5. Resize Twitter App or Use It in Split-Screen on Mac

From productivity point of view, resizing and split-screen is a pretty good addition to the Twitter app. Thus, you can perfectly resize the app using the familiar handle or enter the split-screen to keep track of the latest tweets while working alongside other apps. To invoke the split-screen, hover your pointer over the full-screen button at the top left corner of a window or just click and hold the button.

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Click and Hold Full-Screen Button in Twitter for macOS Catalina on Mac

After that, you can select the “Tile Window to Left of Screen” or “Tile Window to Right of Screen” from the menu.

Select Preferred Option to Resize Twitter App in Split-Screen for macOS Catalina

Then after, click on a window on the other side of the screen to start using both windows side by side.

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Multiple Composition Windows are Opened in Twitter for macOS Catalina

Tip #6. Undo or Remove a Retweet in Twitter App on Mac

If you ever retweet something but later want to undo or remove the retweet for any personal reason, you can do so with ease. Just find the tweet you had retweeted. After that, click the Retweet icon and choose Undo Retweet.

Click on Retweet icon on Twitter for macOS Catalina

Click on Undo Retweet to Remove a Retweet in Twitter for Mac

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Tip #7. Customize Settings and Privacy in Twitter App on Mac

Last but not least, you can also customize the settings and privacy of Twitter on Mac. For instance, you will be able to safeguard your tweets, disable photo tagging, or even turn off read receipts. The process is quite similar to the one that exists on iOS and iPadOS devices.

To get started, simply click on the More button (looks like three dots).

Click on More Button to Open Menu in Twitter for macOS Catalina

choose Settings and privacy. After that, you can fine-tune everything – from Account to Notifications to Data usage – in line with your needs.

Select Settings and Privacy from Menu in macOS Catalina Twitter App

Signing Off…

So, these are the cool tips and tricks to use Twitter efficiently on Mac. The micro-blogging app feels a bit more intuitive now, thanks to the arrival of a range of new features. So, I’m sure a lot of users are going to love it more than ever before.

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